Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Post #1

A little bit about me

My name is Kellen Hunter Bramlett. I was born in Decatur, Alabama on March 26, 1993. I am the oldest brother of seven: Ember (16), Kolton (14), Kameron (12), Kristopher (10), J.E.B. (7), and Taylor (3). I grew up in Somerville, Alabama. Along with the rest of my family, I have played sports since the time I could walk. My passion for athletics is what made me decide to pursue a career as a coach/physical ed. teacher. I also enjoy being outside. Inspired by Bear Grylls, my friends and I like to go out and do survival videos. Movie buff does not begin to describe me, which makes Netflix is my addiction. I do not watch much t.v. but I do enjoy watching Spartacus, Justified, The Walking Dead, and Prison Break.
I chose The University of South Alabama mainly because it was so close to the beach. Since I come from a small town I felt the need to get out. Here at South I participate in ROTC, where I hope to be a future Army officer. Combining my love for sports and ROTC, I play intramural sports for the ROTC team. I try to attend as many USA functions such as sports games, band concerts, and public speeches as I can. I enjoy spending my time here at South, but i hope to graduate soon and begin my life as a teacher/coach.

Dr. Pausch's video

After watching Dr. Pausch's video, I found myself wondering "why?". Until he brought it up during his speech, I had never stopped when presented with a task and ask myself "why should I do this?" or "why am I presented with this task at all?" Another point Dr. Pausch made was the saying "If you have to eat a frog don't stand and look at it too long, and if you have to eat three start with the biggest". I pondered on this thought for a while and I agree. Sometimes I find that I have sat and thought about something I needed to do for so long that I could have completed the task in half the time I wasted thinking about it.
This is not the first time I have seen Dr. Pausch speak though. I once walked through my living room and saw my dad watching this man speak. When I asked about it he told me Dr. Pausch had pancreatic cancer and that this would be his last lecture. I do not remember much from the speech, but immediately recognized him when I watched his video on time management. His ideas on time management have helped me as I hope to cut down on my "dead time".


  1. You will watch "The Last Lecture" later this semester. It is extremely powerful!

  2. Hi, Kellen Bramlett my name is Kristi Jackson.It is extremely cool that you come from such a large immediate family. We certainly have many things in common as far as sports, and being active, outside. I grew up partially in the city, and I also spent a lot of years in the country. Between the two, I learned how to adapt. It is vital to be active in the South because it's so little to do that it can be detrimental if you choose to be lazy, and vice versa for the city. I really respect how active you are. I've never been in the ROTC but I've always heard great things that you all bring to the table. My question to you is what exactly do you guys do in ROTC and how does it affect you as student?
    I believe we have similar views on Mr. Pausch's video. You mentioned that you had to learn how to get rid of "dead time", and I had to learn this the hard way, as well.