Sunday, February 5, 2012

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with the creativity of future educators

Did you know? 3.0

I hear more and more everyday how Americans are labeled as: lazy, worthless, and unintelligent. I fear that as the rest of the world continues to learn and progress, we as Americans are at a stand still. It is not a competition as to who the best country in the world is, but a sense of pride that we must keep about ourselves. We must take pride and continue to seek further advancement in not only education, but all things.
As I watched the video "Did you know?" I realized that my fears were coming true. For starters, the fact that in China alone, the number of people able to speak English will soon outnumber the entire world bothers me. It bothers me that the number of people in China who can't speak more than one language will be less than the number who can speak more than one language in America. Also, India's top 25% of the population with the highest IQ outnumbers that of the whole United States. Whether it is a lack of effort put forth by the teachers or the students this statistic does not sit well with me. I hope to change this when I become a future educator. I hope that I can teach my students to have the drive needed to pursue a higher learning.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Although the video "Mr. Winkle Wakes" was a fictional story, it had many facts included in it. 100 years ago there was almost no technology. By technology I am referring to the electrical world. Nowadays almost everything in the world is run by technology. 100 years ago people had to do things with their hands. In order for someone to send a message, a messenger would have to ride or walk to wherever the recipient lived. Now with the technology we have today, an e-mail, text message, or video message can be sent instantly.
Not only is technology used in hospitals to keep people alive and in businesses to send data, but also is a huge part of education. It is very common in schools today for teachers to use computers in order to organize their lesson plans, create spreadsheets, and also to contact parents or guardians when a child has been a disruptance or is struggling in class. Not only are teachers using computers, but also when combined with an overhead projector, they use powerpoints in order to display info for students to take notes. This is a huge time saver compared to back when teachers had to write their data on the board. It amazes me the things that we can do nowadays with technology. I am a huge supporter of technology being used in education, and plan on using it in my future teaching career.

The Importance of Creativity

As I grew up, all I ever heard was keep your grades up. Not once did anyone ever say to me "keep up the creativity". The only thing I ever felt like I needed to do was make good grades. The way I did it didn't matter. Instead of actually learning the material, I was taught to memorize or do whatever needed to be done just to pass the test.
Mr. Robinson makes a very good point when he says education kills creativity. In school we are taught to do every single thing a certain way. Often when a new idea is put forth, it is shot down by others. Whenever someone thinks differently, they are classified as having a learning disorder. Everyone learns in many different ways, and just because a child doesn't learn like the "average" student they are cast out along with their creativity. I hate the idea of grades. I do not believe kids should be judged by their grades, but rather their potential creativity.

A Vision for the 21st Cenutry Learning

I completely agree with the idea that when kids are forced to read their textbooks and simply recite facts, they are not learning the material. Kids do not want to learn when they bored. The average American child can watch a movie or show and replay it back to you almost immediately. Students want to learn when they are interested. This is why students learn better by using technology such as movies, powerpoints, and interactive labs.
The majority of American children in today's society love to play video games. Kids rack up days and days worth of online gameplay on Call of Duty alone. They spend so much time playing games that they can rebuild the level without missing any details. The idea of an interactive video game in which students can travel through civilizations and learn the history and even the language of that country is astouding. I love the idea of students using interactive learning. I believe that if teachers were to add this technology to their plan then the student's learning capabilities would drastically increase. Not only would they learn more from these programs, but would learn way faster also.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Just as Mrs. Davis is from a veru rural small town, I also come from a town where we are not very connected to the outside world. I come from Morgan County where the closest cities are Huntsville and Decatur, both of which are at least 40 minutes away. Not many people from my hometown have internet. I was one of the select few who actually did have internet access at my house. Due to this, many people where I'm from do not know about the advantages of using technology.
Thanks to Mrs. Davis students are able to experience the vast advantages of technology. For example, one student talked of how she was able to participate in a project with a group of students from all over the world. Unless more teachers like Mrs. Davis incorporate more technology into their teaching tehniques, then some students may never know what it's like to connect to other students all over the world. Also, another point that she made was that the teachers do not have to know everything. Mrs. Davis talks about a time in which she was learning from her students. The thought of this technology allowing the teachers to learn from the students is great.


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  2. The fact that other countries are outsmarting the U.S. is extremly devastating. When statistics get better and better about other countries learning new things that gives them more motivation to stay on top. Sadly there are so many Americans who just don't care.

  3. Don't forget to include links!
    In your reflection for A Vision for the 21st Century Learning you wrote that students learn better when they are using technology. Be careful! Technology won't automatically make the children enjoy learning. It only will keep them interested if the technology is being used effectively!
    Overall, well done.