Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Post #3

Technology in Special Education

I strongly believe in the idea that technology helps to keep the students interested in their schoolwork. Often I have found myself extremely bored in a classroom where a teacher is using "tradition" methods of teaching. I never considered the thought of using technology to help to teach Special Education. The way Ms. Cook has implemented technology into her classroom astounded me.
When I become a teacher technology will be even further advanced than it is now, but I will still be able to use it as a means to better communicate with my Special Education students. Such as if I have a student who has a hard time writing and/or talking, I will be able to use a laptop with that student so that he or she can easily answer questions or simply communicate. Also, just as Ms. Cook had a student who needed to use a laptop in order to increase the size of the font so that he could read better, I will use technology to help my students in every way possible.

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism

My goal right now is to graduate and become a physical education teacher. At the same time, I also want to teach special education. When teaching children with special needs, it is very likely that I will be required to teach my students basic learning skills such as counting and reading. To accomplish this task, I could use tools such as the iPad in order to further excel my students learning.
One of the ways I could accomplish this is by using the iPad app called "Intro to Letters, by Montessorium". This app allows the user to learn how to read and write the alphabet in a fun and interactive way. This app would allow the student to trace the letters and better learn to write them. Not only does it allow the student to trace the letters, but also plays the pronunciations for each letter. Practice lessons are also avaliable for the student to go through and learn the alphabet at random. The use of this app could be a very valuable asset once I become a teacher.

Gary's Social Media Count

When I clicked on the link and I saw all the numbers keep climbing and climbing I simply did not know what to think. As I continued to watch I noticed that in only one minute 12 million sms messages were sent worldwide. This made me realize that the world becomes more and more reliable on technology everyday. The majority of the world relies on technology to do many things today ranging from making a phone call to swiping a debit card.
Watching the numbers continue to rise, it made me realize that as a teacher I must be able to keep up with technology. I need to be able to not only stay up to date with technology used in everyday life, but also be able to implement technology into my teaching skills. Kids are becoming more and more involved with technology and the social world today. How can I be expected to teach my students if I do not know as much about the technological world around us as they do?

A Vision of Students Today

Sadly I found the video to be spot on with its facts. In every class I attend here at South I see examples of the things presented in the video. At least one student in every class I have stays on the computer the entire time, and not once visited a website pertaining to what the teacher was going over. Another problem I see is the fact that I personally hate spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks that my professors never even mention us needing.
Although the students are the ones who decide whether or not to go to class or whether to sit on their computer the entire time, I do not believe it is their fault. I believe it is the teachers resopnsibility to ensure that the students are learning. Is that not the reason "we" are becoming teachers? I feel that my goal as a teacher is to do whatever I can to make sure that my students are learning. I refuse to be the professor who idlely stands at the front of the class and basically talks to himself.

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  1. " I believe it is the teachers resopnsibility to ensure that the students are learning." I don't agree with your statement. I think it is a teacher's responsibility to create an environment in which the student can learn. But it is up to the student whether they learn or not. Nevertheless, many of the environments which teachers create undermine the learning process, as argued in Dr. Wesch's video. Certainly " the professor who idlely stands at the front of the class and basically talks to himself." is not creating an effective learning environment.