Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student

The video begins by telling us about a student who is studying psychology at 21st Century high school. The narrator states that he attends class three times a week and twice online, has no textbook and his teacher rarely ever lectures. When I heard this I couldn't help but wonder if his teacher never lectures then why does he even go to class. I thought the whole point of attending class was to listen and learn from what the teacher has to say. If the teacher is not lecturing and providing information to the students then there is no need for them to attend. Hearing this also made me think that this may be one of the teachers who simply is not doing her job, and expects the students to learn on their own.
I also noticed in this video that the student was doing all his learning through database searches and social networks. Although I believe that these can very valuable resources, I am not sure if it is the best way to primary learn your information. I personally do not enjoy sitting behind a computer. I admit that I rarely check my email, barely get on Facebook, and would not have a Twitter account if it wasn't required for this class. I would not say I like to learn by reading books all day, but I learn best by reading, taking notes from lectures, and highlighting key points.
After watching this video I feel that while the teacher taught him certain tools and methods, she didn't really teach him any of the material. He gathered all the information himself and she taught him how to organize it. I look at her more as a guide or counselor rather than an educator. Also, I feel that most of the methods used were setup as more of a group sharing a common interest and discussing that interest rather than an actual learning process. In conclusion I believe that the networked student still needs a teacher. The methods a networked student knows is valuable, but as a tool not a primary learning process.

My Personal Learning Network

Since I just started using a PLN I wasn't real sure where to start. My PLN compared to the girl from the video's is very "weak." She has quite a lot of tools on hers that I do not have yet, but I really look forward to using a PLN and in time, I too, will have many tools.


  1. There are various ways of learning. Lecturing is just one type, and it is not effective for all students. I personally learn pretty well by listening to a lecture and taking notes, but as teachers we need to be able to teach in the various different ways because not all of our students will learn like we do. This being said, I think, instead of lecturing, the teacher just uses a different method. She is still needed. She just teaches them in a different way, based on learning by doing, and she is there to guide them and help them when they have problems. I think this type of teacher is actually important because she is preparing her students for when they will have to find information on their own. Also, my PLN looked "weak" compared to that girl's PLE, as well, but she has probably been developing her PLE a lot longer than we have been developing our PLN.

  2. If I understand you correctly you see the important outcome of education as knowing facts imparted by a teacher. I often argue that facts are irrelevant - the ability to do is what is critical. It is an interesting debate.

    I suggest you see my post Lectures - Part 1 and leave a comment as part of the discussion I am trying to foster. You can substitute that for one of the C4T#3 assignments you have. I k
    look forward to your comments.