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Watch Monica. A. F. Lounsbery and Thomas L. McKenzie's Video Making the Most of Physical Education Think about some of the problems discussed in this video. How do certain P.E. programs get away with these things? Whose fault is it if a P.E. program is not provided with adequate time or resources? Write two or more paragraphs on these problems and their main causes. Also, Write two or more paragraphs on how you could help to fix/prevent some of these problems.

Making the Most of Physical Education


In the video, the narrator states that Physical Education can promote healthy active lifestyles, provide children with much of their physical activity, increase physical fitness, and teach important movement and behavioral skills. Studies show that Physical Education also has positive implications for student academic performance. The video states however that often P.E. programs do not accomplish certain tasks needed to be successful such as: providing lots of activity, promoting activity outside of class, getting kids physically fit, and making it enjoyable.
Many of the problems P.E. teachers face include: limited time, low subject status, and inadequate resources. Often P.E. class is a child's only chance to be active. Research shows that at least 30 percent of the time P.E. class is cancelled. This means that even if a P.E. class is scheduled, a child may not receive Physical Education.

I feel that often school systems do not take Physical Education seriously. Sometimes school officials do not see P.E. as even being a real subject. This thought wears off on the students. They do not take it seriously. P.E. can be the key tho preventing many health issues and stopping obesity. Since school officials do not take the program seriously, funding into the program to be cut. This causes the P.E. equipment to be very worn or outdated. When I get to be a P.E. instructor I will do my best to fight for funding by whatever means possible. If I cannot receive the help of the school system then I will try to do as many fundraisers as possible so that my students will be provided with the best equipment.
Another problem faced is that P.E. is not often provided with enough time. Since I cannot add more minutes to a school day, I will help to get as much as possible out of the allotted time. To do this I can get my students motivated by providing them with fun and exciting games that will also increase the intensity. Also, I will do my best to educate my students on the importance of physical activity so that they will take it home with them and be active outside of class.

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