Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

For Blog Post #13 I was assigned to go a whole 24 hours without using technology. In my attempt to go the full 24 hours without the use of technology I discovered that I could not succeed. As a squad leader in ROTC, I have to receive and relay information to the rest of my squad. There are two ways we do this, one way is by posting information on our Alpha Company group page, and the other is by texting information and passing it down. As I attempted to go without using technology, I realized I couldn't because my squad was counting on me to tell them and remind them about all the upcoming events.

Another reason I could not make the entire 24 hours was because of my online assignments. In the majority of my classes here at South I am required to complete online assignments. Since there's absolutely no way to do online assignments this is not possible.

Overall I enjoyed trying to accomplish this assignment. I do feel that if I were at my house and not in school I could complete this task. Without the responsibility of my schoolwork and ROTC I wouldn't need my phone or my computer. I enjoy spending all my time outside while I am home, so I do not have the need to use technology.  

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