Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K April Summary

My first C4K for April was a girl named Daisy from New Zealand. In her post she told readers about all the things she enjoys doing. Her favorite activities are surfing, skating, snowboarding, and swimming. She also told readers about her family which consists of her mom, stepdad, brother, and sometimes her stepsister comes to stay with them. Daisy also has five pets, two cats, two fish, and a dog whom she loves very much.

The second blog post I commented on was done by a girl named Katie. Her blog post gives statistics and examples on the different forms of bullying. One of the forms of bullying she describes is the act of Cyberbullying. Katie states that the most common forms of cyberbullying is done through chat rooms, by making fake online profiles, or by email. She also says that for one in for people that are bullied it has happened at least more than once. Katie states that we must try to stop bullying now.

My third C4K was on Isaiah's blog about Fairfax, Vermont. In his post he talked about how Fairfax was a nice place to live. He says that there are not that many crimes, but when there are it is most likely a break-in. Even when a few break-ins happen they go away quickly after a couple weeks. He also talked about how Fairfax was located next to the highest mountain in Vermont. Mt. Mansfield is 4,395 feet at its tallest point.

Last but not least, my final C4K for April was a picture posted by Tyrese. The picture was taken from his knees down showing his shins,socks, and shoes. The point of the picture was to show that Tyrese had been a good boy so his mom bought him a new pair of shoes. I told Tyrese he should always try to listen and do what his parents say.

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