Monday, April 30, 2012

C4T#1 Summary Post

My first C4T blog I was assigned to comment on is called "At the Teacher's Desk". The first post I commented on was a post explaining Mr. Chamberlain's thoughts about the upcoming edcamp. Mr. Chamberlain states that although it is a great opportunity to discuss lesson plans and teaching methods, he worries that most of these discussions will revolve around technology. He also states that for those using online tools already discussion will not be a problem. Yet for those who are not he feels that they might be intimidated. He closes his post by asking the question, "What can we do to involve more diverse groups of teachers?"

The second post by Mr. Chamberlain that I commented on was a post titled, "The new, cool tech activity doesn't fit my curriculum". In this post Mr. Chamberlain states that since he teaches out of a computer lab, he has flexibility to incorporate certain tech tools into his curriculum. He states that although this is true he can not always go with the cool new tech way. The new tech tool must be able to benefit his students to further their learning. He concludes by stating that it's his job to do right by his students, and that it's not always the new cool methods.

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