Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T#4 Summary

Dr. Strange's Strange Thoughts

My first teacher I was assigned was Dr. Strange. I commented on his blog post "Plagiarism". In this post Dr. Strange talked about how he believes that at least a third of the EDM310 class did not understand plagiarism. Dr. Strange then described how to avoid plagiarism by listing two methods:
1. Always provide the source of the materials
2. Always put quoted material in quotation marks.
After listing the two ways to prevent plagiarism Dr. Strange gives three examples of why it is important students understand plagiarism. His three examples were:
1. A student can receive and F in the course or be dismissed from the University.
2. One can lose his or her job in the educational community.
3. One could fail to teach his or her students how to cite their works and they might suffer the consequences listed.
Dr. Strange concludes his post by stating that the only reason he s not bringing down charges on students is because he does not believe they fully understand plagiarism.


The second blog I was assigned to comment on was the Langwitches Blog. This blog post was a follow up of a previously posted thought about writing in hyperlinks. This post mainly focused on how the theory had been put to practice. The post stated that hyperlinks are used for more than simply citing your works, they are used for showing a writer's train of thought and how he or she got to that thought. There was also a very neat section of the post about an exercise where blogs were wrote on big sticky notes. The participants then wrote on smaller sticky notes to represent comments. The final step of the process was to connect all the similar posts and comments with yarn to represent how hyperlinks could be used.

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