Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final PLN report

When we were first assigned to start organizing a Personal Learning Network, I chose to use the website Symbaloo. I chose this site because it looked very easy to use. The first thing I did was to set Symbaloo as my homepage.
Second I removed all the tiles that I knew I wouldn't be using such as: Shopping, Exercise, and Games.
I then added all the tiles that my webmix did not have already. I started by adding a tile that would take me to the website course compass or my lab and mastering (this is the website I do my Anatomy work on).
Once I had all the tiles I needed I arranged them so that all the similar tiles would be grouped together. I have all my social websites in one group, educational sites in another group, various sets of news tiles, and then my random sites in a final group.
The use of Symbaloo as my homepage has made things so much easier to do. I understand that as I continue my educational career my PLN will continue to grow. I look forward to seeing how my PLN will turn out.

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